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Every vehicle is dependent upon its engine to run smoothly. If your engine is in a state of disrepair, your entire vehicle—and your day-to-day routine—may suffer. For these reasons and more, it is always important to seek out the engine repair services of the most trusted mechanics and technicians in your region. That is where we come in.

Offering incredible auto services for competitive rates, Delta Automotive is here to help you. Our engine diagnostic services will make sure your engine operates exactly as it should for years to come. From corroded battery cable replacement to mileage-related issues, we address all your engine problems and more.

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When it comes to your vehicle, you only want reputable and trustworthy individuals servicing it. For many motorists in the region, we are all that they seek. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction have turned virtually every first-time customer into yet another devoted and proud client. Motorists refer us to their friends, and our professional peers look to us for inspiration. Once you acquaint yourself with our team, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never have to work with another auto-service center ever again.

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Correcting All Your Engine Problems

Your vehicle’s engine is the control center for your entire vehicle. Countless components connect themselves to the engine and rely upon the energy it creates via pistons and cylinders.

Despite the engine really only consisting of three main parts—the cylinder head, the block, and the oil sump—many other mechanisms and variables influence the workings of the engine. Some issues that we might address when we service your engine include, but are not limited to:

Worn Spark Plug

Motorists should never underestimate the importance of a well-working spark plug. The spark plug is responsible for igniting the compressed gas within your vehicle’s engine. If the spark plug has experienced a lot of wear and tear, your vehicle may suffer as a result.

Clogged Radiator

Over time, dirt and sediment might clog your vehicle’s radiator. When this happens, your engine runs the risk of overheating and your radiator may even corrode under the stress of the water and coolant.

Compression Issues

The valves, piston rings, and cylinder are all essential for the air compression process. If any of these components experience damage, they might tear or break open—resulting in air leaks. Without adequate compression, your engine will not be able to complete the combustion process.

Your engine runs smoothly based on a complex system of interconnected mechanical components that work in unison. Even just a small malfunction can trigger the check engine light to signal a glitch in the system. Diagnosing an engine problem requires the skill and experience of a qualified mechanic. The specialists at Delta Automotive will quickly identify the source of engine failure and provide cost effective solutions for our clients from our fully equipped automotive repair center.

Signs of An Engine Problem

Engine trouble is the absolute worst! Nothing quite causes stress like a malfunctioning engine. We’ve all seen that poor motorist pulled off to the side of the road with smoke fuming out of the front hood of their car and frantically trying to figure out what went wrong? A lot of factors determine just how long a lifespan your vehicles engine will have. Calculate in the year of manufactured, the amount of mileage or usage. Are you giving the car regular oil changes and keeping up with maintenance? What make or brand is it and are there any known engine difficulties? In order to prevent yourself from becoming that person on the side of the road, we’ve created a small index that will help you to identify signs that your engine is in need of a tune-up or replacement. Read below, and remember you can google almost anything but there is no information like the kind you get from hands on professionals like Delta Automotive. Our specialists are here to answer specific questions and discuss the concerns of our clients. Here are some signs of an engine problem:

Lower gas mileage

If you’re at the gas pump more often, but haven’t changed your driving habits, there could be an issue with the compression of your engine. Potential solutions include using a fuel cleaner or getting a tune up. An engine diagnostic from our repair specialist will clarify the issue and provide options.

Knocking and banging

Popping and other loud noises from your vehicle when you start the engine is often an indication of a problem with the internal combustion flow and a clear sign to schedule a service appointment.

Engine stalling

Several issues can cause an engine to stall including problems with the air/fuel mixture, or issues with the intake stroke. Investigate ongoing stalls promptly, to avoid more expensive damage down the road.

Engine odor

An engine exhaust will emit strong smelling, toxic fumes just prior to failing and indicates the need for an engine diagnostic ASAP.

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Check any engine problems at the first sign of trouble to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs down the road. Be vigilant and proactive when it comes to your road safety. Our helpful and informed staff are here for you. No matter the question or concern, we will be able to give you some insight and discuss possible solutions that fit your budget and schedule. Visit Delta Automotive for engine repair services and solutions. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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