Differential Repair in Edmonton

Your vehicle is one of the greatest investments you have made in your life. Aside from the money you spend to purchase this asset, it also takes you wherever you need to go daily. When your vehicle takes good care of you, it only stands to reason that you return the favor.

Delta Automotive is the top auto shop in Edmonton to offer quality differential repair services. If you notice any issues with your vehicle’s differential, it is better to take immediate action to prevent further damage to the system.

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Why Do You Need an Optimal Differential for Your Vehicle?

Your car’s differential receives power generated by your engine and transmits it to the drive axles for your wheels to rotate. When you make turns, your differential enables the outside wheels to rotate faster than the inside wheels. When you have an optimal differential, it will:

  • Help your vehicle improve traction
  • Extend the life of tires
  • Increase your fuel economy
  • Make your automobile safe to drive

The reasons listed above are sufficient to note that your differential must be in good working condition so your vehicle has increased longevity and mileage.

Symptoms That Signify Your Differential Needs Repair

Getting your vehicle inspected every thousand kilometers is always a good idea for your peace of mind. Delta Automotive offers comprehensive inspections for our customers in Edmonton, so you can always hire our services to ensure your vehicle is functioning optimally.

However, it’s wise to check your vehicle intermittently yourself. Here, we have listed a few symptoms to look out for in terms of differential:

  • Clunking hard when you accelerate or shift between drive and reverse
  • High-pitched howling or humming type of noise on acceleration
  • Dragging sound when coasting down the road
  • Unusual noise when turning corners

If you notice your vehicle exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above, call us right away at (780) 435-4832 to get your differential repaired.

Why Choose Delta Automotive

Customers in Edmonton turn to Delta Automotive for their automobile maintenance and repairs. Our skilled mechanics ensure high-quality solutions and diligent diagnostics. Delta Automotive’s customers enjoy our service that factors in the following benefits:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Punctual and prompt service
  • Proficiency in the auto mechanic trade
  • Friendly and courteous crew
  • Competitive prices
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Services to Maintain Your Differential Gearbox

At Delta Automotive, we offer affordable repairs for your differential gearbox so you can enjoy a smooth ride for an extended duration. Our repair services include:

  • Differential oil changes and lubrication
  • Cleaning used oil out of axle and gears
  • Reseal gasket

We work on all differential models, including limited slip, open, and torque vectoring. If your vehicle’s turns seem tedious, enlist our expert assistance right away to save your differential before it incurs too much damage. Contact our team at (780) 435-4832 to work with industry experts at an economical rate.

Differential Repair in Edmonton

Unless you are a gearhead, you may not be aware of a little piece of machinery in your vehicle known as the differential.

When your car turns, the outside wheels have a longer distance to travel than the wheels on the inside. This means, the outside wheels need to spin slightly faster than the ones on the inside of the turn or else the vehicle could pull itself apart. The piece of machinery that makes it possible to divide two separate torques is called the differential.

The differential is found in most vehicles, especially any vehicles that boast an all-wheel or four-wheel drive feature. And because this gearbox is in charge of converting engine power and its transmission to the wheels, allowing them to turn at varying speeds, it is incredibly important that your vehicle’s differentials get regular maintenance and repairs whenever they start squealing.

At Delta Automotive, we have been fixing and replacing differentials in all makes and models of vehicles for years. Whether you need a full-scale repair or some minor maintenance, do not put off booking your appointment with Delta Automotive today. A short phone call to us can be the difference between arriving safely to your destination or not…

Signs Your Differential Needs Repairs

A few telltale signs that your differential needs repairs include:

  • Whirring noises while decelerating to or driving at speeds that exceed 15 mph
  • Rumbling sounds that begin when your vehicle is traveling faster than 15 mph
  • Clunking sounds are persistent and pervasive
  • High-pitched howling is heard when accelerating
  • Banging or skipping occurs when turning a corner

If one or more of these symptoms accurately describes your vehicle, it is a pretty clear indication that there is something not right. If so, bring your car to Delta Automotive as soon as you possibly can. Not only will our experienced and courteous Edmonton staff find the issue plaguing your differential, we will also run a full diagnostic on the suspension and steering components of your vehicle.

Differential Maintenance

Because a vehicle cannot function without a working differential, it is important that you get your differential checked and the differential fluid changed every time you take your vehicle in for maintenance.

The frequency of differential maintenance varies depending on the vehicle, as well as how long it’s been off the lot and how much mileage has been put on its odometer. For more details on the kind of maintenance program your vehicle may need, please contact one of our mechanics today to get their trusted assessment.

An alternative to bringing your vehicle for differential maintenance is to regularly check your vehicle’s differential fluid levels. When differential fluid levels are low, the vehicle’s gears can overheat and wear down prematurely. If you need any assistance figuring out how this is done, please contact us today.

Front and Rear Axle Repairs 

The lifespan of a well-installed differential is approximately 150,000 miles, assuming regular vehicle usage and a decent maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance should include removing oil, cleaning internal components, and refilling the oil with a fresh supply. This is because oils break down over time and pick up grime and other elements that reduce its ability to provide optimal lubrication. 

Generally, we recommend having this type of maintenance performed every 20,000-40,000 miles, but this can vary depending on several factors. For this reason, we suggest speaking to our differential specialists to personalize your services to your vehicle’s needs. 

Some of the most common front and rear axle repairs we perform have included:

  • Pinion bearing replacement 
  • Pinion seal replacement 
  • Yoke replacement
  • Bushing replacement
  • Differential leak repairs 
  • Diff gasket replacement 
  • Differential reconditioning 

If you’re unsure which part of your rear or front end is causing the problem, call us. We are happy to help. With years of dedicated service under our belts, there are no better differential specialists to work with to solve any problem. 

Get back in the driver’s seat with confidence. Consult with us today to receive an obligation-free estimate on all front and rear-end repairs. 

A Successful Differential Rebuild Starts Here 

No matter what shape your axles are in when you bring your vehicle in for service, we can guarantee the success of your differential rebuild. Our passion and attention to detail are two factors that set us apart, but we also go to great lengths to cultivate close relationships with the region’s best parts suppliers. In doing so, we can ensure quick access to the parts that will have your vehicle back up and running at peak performance in no time at all. 

Book a non-committal consultation to discuss your goals with a qualified expert. 

Differential Replacement: Cost Savings and Exceptional Quality 

After performing a complete inspection, our mechanics will be able to tell you when a differential replacement will be the most cost-effective method of achieving your goals. In some cases, the wear and damage to internal components are too advanced to be considered safe and reliable. If this is the case, we’ll work diligently to offer budget-friendly replacements that align with your expectations. 

Phone our team to explore a large selection of high-quality front and rear axle replacement parts and unbeatable service. 

Hiring a Dedicated Differential Mechanic Makes a Big Difference 

A differential mechanic is a lot like a specialist doctor for your car. And just like specialist doctors, we spend a lot of time refining our methods of identifying and solving common problems so we can offer better outcomes for our patient, your car. Why put the value and longevity of your vehicle in the hands of someone with fewer resources and less experience when you don’t have to? 

Reach us to discuss the specifics of what you are dealing with and request an affordable estimate on differential repairs of all types. 

Choose a Local Differential Shop

As an established differential shop, we’re committed to serving our community with repair, replacement, inspection, and maintenance options that keep your wheels turning safely—as they should. Don’t take any risks putting up with problems that could lead to more significant issues like tires with treads that wear out too quickly and much more. 

Ask our trusted local mechanics for an estimate and experience the difference working with a local differential repair shop makes for yourself. 

Professional and Trusted Differential Repair and Maintenance

Delta Automotive has become Edmonton’s top choice for all car repair and maintenance thanks to our commitment to transparency and customer service. Call us today to find out how our team of professional mechanics can help you today.